A refrigerated Van can be one choice for running your ice cream van business. This will help to keep your ice cream frozen and allow you to carry a variety of different novelty bars on a stick that the children will love. Most kids will be delighted to hear your van come into their neighborhood and will come running when they hear your familiar tune on their street. Once you get a route determined and your customers will know that you will be coming into their area, they will be delighted to wait for your visit.

Finding Your Van

If you can not find a van designed like you want it to be for your business, there are companies that will customize it for your. They can create almost any design that you would like to have. They can install freezers for you and leave you a window to do business through. If you plan on traveling around to different areas such as subdivisions, retail parks and other event areas, many time a complete refrigeration will work just fine. This will many times have different compartments for you to put your inventory in and will help allow you to be more organized. When a child wants a bullet off of your truck, you will know just what compartment that it is in and will make your transaction go smoothly.

Why Choose A Van?

• Not too large to maneuver in tighter areas
• Companies that can customize it for you if you can not find what you want
• You Can find a good used one that work well for many
• Many of them get good gas mileage for a less expensive day
• Most are large enough to have your equipment installed in

Running Your Business

Once you have your refrigerated van for sale, there are several other things that you will need. You will need a business plan and to know what areas that you will be working. Then you will have to get the required business permits for the areas that you are going to be working. You must have the proper insurance on your ice cream van so that if you have an accident you are properly covered. Then you must decide upon the hours that you are going to work in what areas. It would be wise to cover any industrial areas during work hours so you can catch their lunches or breaks or the time that they get off from work.read latest story at http://sfist.com/2015/10/05/oakland_ice_cream_truck_driver_shot.php

Selecting to run in residential areas in the early evening like right after dinner when everyone is home from work could be a wise choice. Finding the right schedule for your area that is the best for your business and having the equipment and van that will work the best for you will help your business be more successful.

Ice Cream Van Business

Knowing your business plan and sticking to what works for you will not only make your business a success but will make you popular with your customers, knowing that they can depend on you and your ice cream van that you have made from your used Sprinter Van.