It is rare but not very uncommon for many people to hire a van. Therefore, hiring a passenger van for the first time can be a quite strange and sometimes a scary experience for many people. But with just a few precautions, you can easily hire a sprinter for yourself. This is one useful check list;


  1. When can you Hire a Van: You must be in between 21 and 71 years of age to hire a van if you are going to drive it yourself.


  1. Must Hold the Correct License: Before planning a trip and hiring a passenger van, the driver must be holding the correct license. If you don’t have any person available with the appropriate license then it is advisable to hire a professional driver as well.



  1. What Kind of Passenger Van should you Hire: There are a large variety of different and novel passenger vans available in market these days like Mercedes Sprinter, crew cab and many more. You can also opt between a refrigerated or non-refrigerated van. Choose the seating and loading capacity, design and fuel efficiency according to your fellow passengers and destination.


  1. Familiarize Yourself with your Hire Van: One you’ve chosen your sprinter, start familiarizing yourself with it. Check its driving features, wipers, screen washers, heaters, music system, safety system, hazard warning systems, fuel consumption type and engine capacity before taking it on a test run.



  1. Test Drive your Hire Van: Once you’ve checked all its features, take your new hire van on a test drive. It is important. Even highly experienced professional drivers feel difficulty in setting up with a new car initially. Therefore, do a test drive and get yourself familiarized with the brakes, the steering and the weight of your hire van.see this page!


  1. Parking your Hire Van: It is not easy to park a new car initially. Be slow and cautioned while parking your hire van. Take help from your passengers. Get out and take a look if you’re confused. Precaution is always good.



  1. Loading your Hire Van: Take special care in loading your hire van. Spread the load evenly. Always start loading from the cab end to the back. It helps in keeping the weight centralized. Put heavy things on the bottom. It will keep centre of gravity low. Secure tall items as they can fall and thus break down easily.


  1. If your Hire Van gets Punctured: Always check if your hire van has an extra wheel. Almost all vehicles have same kind of wheel installation process. Therefore, if your hire van’s wheel gets punctured, you’ll be able to change it yourself. Otherwise call professional help.

Hire Van


  1. Plan Ahead: Always plan ahead. Keep your maps ready. Mark your stopping points during the travel. It helps save you time, money and undue hassle.


  1. Respect Traffic Rules: A driver must invariably respect the traffic and road rules.see news from


Enjoy your Ride: All precautions taken well in time and you’re ready to enjoy your ride. So, it was not that scary, right?!