Have you thought about buying a new passenger van? To be honest, there are thousands who are now looking into the possibility of buying such things as they have become highly flexible. There is however real reasons as to why people are now buying passengers than ever before and in truth they aren’t too costly either. So, what are some fun facts about the Mercedes-Benz Metris passenger van? Read on to find out more about these vans.

More Cup Holders Available

Do you need more than one cup holder? Well, if you do, the Metris has! There are six flexible cup holders that can be positioned however you like! That is really cool because nine times out of ten when you want to use a cup holder, there is never one handy! It really has become highly important to have as many cup holders as you need. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Metris have all that and more. These are truly unique little features to have and they can help in many ways too.

The Mercedes Attention Assist

There are lots of features for vans and vehicles to come with and one of the best has to be the Mercedes Attention Assist. Have you not heard of this? Well, this is a great little device built into the vehicle and it can sense when the driver is feeling a bit fatigued! That is great and it can tell you to stop and have a drink via the onboard dash computer screen. A little cup will appear so that’s a cool feature. A passenger van with this assist feature is great. This is not something that is seen too often.

More Child Seat Options Available

How many passenger vans come with dozens of child seat installation options? To be honest, there are limitations as to how many seats are available for children but with the Mercedes there are far more. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or the Metris; there will be more seating options available. With the Metris having more seats available for children, it’s a nice little feature to say the least.

Dual Sliding Doors

Trying to seat everyone within a passenger van is not easy. With one sliding door to the side you have to basically climb over others to get the back seats or the seats farthest away from the door. It’s a problem but with the Metris that is no longer a problem. There are now two dual sliding doors. That is really great and it’ll help to make access far easier too. Most people don’t think about these things and yet it can be highly important.

There’s Luxury on Offer

People seem to think with passenger vans it must mean less luxury and less comfort but that’s not always the case. The Mercedes Metris does in fact offer great luxury and comfort. It’s like the Mercedes Benz Sprinter; it’s far more superior than it looks. People really think passenger and delivery vans are uncomfortable vehicles and not worth the money but they can be if you just give them a try.

It’s A Gorgeous Mercedes

It’s a Mercedes! People really don’t think about that when it comes to buying a new vehicle but the Sprinter and Metris are Mercedes-Benz! That is a great name and it’s a brand that is well known and trusted. Buying a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Metris can be a great idea and there is so much on offer. You are going to love how great the Metris looks and feels.

Get Quality for Your Money

Not thought about what type of van you are buying? Sometimes, Mercedes can offer some of the very best vehicles available on the market today and they can be far more affordable than you might think. There has never been a better time to look into these things and you won’t regret it either. Buy a new passenger van and enjoy it.